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Standard Trip  

The standard trip
 is a day trip where we fish for the species of your choice, season permitting.  If conditions are not favorable for that species, we will suggest an alternative for that day.  Multi species fishing is a customer favorite.  It allows you to try for a variety of fish during one trip.  During these trips both trolling and casting are used. All tackle is provided, however, if you have a favorite setup you like to use for casting you are more than welcome to use it.  Hours are flexible and evening is a great time to try for bass and pike.


Day trips for landlocked salmon, rainbow and brown trout are usually best in May and June and then again in October through December.  If you are up for braving a little cold in either the early spring or the late fall, the fishing can be very rewarding.  There are a few area lakes that allow year round fishing for 

                                                                                                  Night trout

Night fishing for trout is popular with many customers.  It is easy and relaxing and can be extremely productive during June, July and August.  This is fishing done while anchored with Coleman lanterns providing light.  There is plenty of action for catch and release anglers, 10 to 20 trout evenings are not uncommon.  For those anglers wishing to keep their catch there is a 5 fish limit on trout.  Rainbows and browns are the norm but occasionally we are surprised by a landlocked salmon.  These fish know how to leap and are always a thrill when hooked.



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